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Aleesha Dibbs-Doorway

Govinda - Engineer, Produced, Mixed, Mastered Bass, Drums


About Client

Steeped in traditional training and songwriting, in assembling together her debut album AFLOAT Australia's Aleesha Dibbs has found a style that brings together classic musicality with hard edged and dark experimentation.

Having spent the last few years working as a songwriter and session player with some of the leading artists in Australia, including the ARIA Award winning Lisa Mitchell and Angus & Julia Stone as well as Lanie Lane, Aleesha has all the time been dedicating herself to her own music, minting a rigid work ethic of writing, recording and production between touring Australia and Europe and recently in May/ June of this year playing the role of a Virgen in Karen O’s Psycho Opera at Sydney’s Opera House.

The resulting work being inspired musically by krautrock and trip hop, the album also sees her embracing electronics, the songs a far cry from the folk/pop world of her day job. The music utilises conventions of the avant grade and experimental tied to those of carefully structured song craft, Aleesha herself describing what makes good songwriting as "honesty and conviction… the rest is sometimes superfluous."

Thematically AFLOAT incorporates aspects of sociology, in particular in regard to Religion and War Crimes, the title stemming from an interest in the many faceted nature of human oppression and resistance to it, examining it from all perspectives, political to emotional. "What motivates the human spirit to continue to rise up above the knowingness of eventual death, the realization that most encountered relationships will ultimately fail but persevering with love nonetheless, the acceptance of war, the acceptance of the possibility of multiple religions and that all Gods may or may not exist yet dedicating ones life to this unknowingness, and thus being unified in a global sensibility we are all somewhat directionless and seemingly AFLOAT in an unknown space," she says of her conception of the album's lyrics. Listening to each song it's clear that they are more than just idle ruminations. What is said here is said with force and resolve.

Recruiting a band of collaborators including James Domeyko (guitar) and Jaie Gonzalez (bass and electronics), better known as Sydney avant garde duo Domeyko/Gonzalez, as well as former Pets With Pets drummer Jonathan Edmonds to help bring the album to life, AFLOAT displays an almost modernist character in it's breadth of influence and the way in which it has been put together. Engineered and co-produced in Sydney by Sam Vine (Kirin J. Callinan) with Todd Dixon engineering on sessions in Melbourne and Shane Fahey (The Necks) mixing and mastering it at Megaphon Studios, the band have arranged, recorded and produced the album together before ever having played live. Steeped in consideration and careful planning, each piece of music being placed meticulously by the many hands involved, all the pieces adding up to a sum greater than the parts, reflecting Aleesha's vision and her and the band's hard work.


06 August 2015


Produced, Engineered, Mixed , Bass, Drums, mastered