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Caravana Sun-The Bottle

Govinda - Engineer, Produced, Mixed

About Client

It can take being away from home, long hours spent in transit, a lack of sleep and language barriers to make you realise how good our lives are in Australia. Riding the highs and lows of touring, Caravãna Sun, you could say had a big 2014. With the announcement of their 2015 summer tour ‘Under A Southern Sky’, next year is set to be an even bigger one yet.

The boys have toured the hell out of their second Independent album release, both at home and throughout Europe, had a band member retire and gained the almighty Ken Allars. A familiar recipe known to break a band couldn’t have impacted Caravãna Sun in a more positive way, taking it all in their stride and summonsing a thirst to break through to the next level at home.  Ken, one of Sydney’s finest musicians has brought both his trumpet and keyboard along, providing the band fresh energy and flavours. Penning their next album as a result, they are set to road test new material during this summer’s tour at home.

2014 was the third time Caravãna Sun returned to Europe and their first tour not reliant on the continents train system. The shows and their audiences showed solid strength and growth, a testament to the persistent touring reputation that the boys are earning for themselves. Caravãna Sun played to open-air festival crowds through Malta, The Netherlands, Austria, France, Switzerland and Portugal.

All the fun was not to be had abroad with sell-out local shows and support sets with the band’s idols, Fat Freddy’s Drop. Caravãna Sun are riding the wave from the European festival circuit and dropping in on local festivals appearing at the Woodford Folk Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival and Twilight at Taronga Zoo.


"Caravãna Sun let loose like a band of juiced up gypsies...most powerful when they slow things down to let the trumpet take the spotlight" Jake Sun & Michelle Shanti The Music

"Chilled but never laconic, fun but never disposable, infectious but never overbearing" 4/5 - The Music

“The boys let loose in a personality-filled set full of smooth, soulful lyrics and big bouncing gypsy-ska grooves, with Toulouse, AYA and GAIA all massive crowd-pleasers.” The Music

"Perfect soundtrack to your summer" 4/5 – Enemy (Germany)

"Where are we? Spain? Greece? Mexico? Who cares. Let’s dance!"BAY FM, Byron Ba


06 August 2015


Produced, Engineered, Mixed