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Sian-Take Me Home

Govinda - Engineer, Produced, Mixed, Snare

About Client

"Sure Sian's got a great voice, dextrous guitar chops, lyrical prowess, is a looker, and charming as what about the positives???" - Tim Rogers

"Your voice touches me in inappropriate ways" - Dav from the Quarry Mountain dead rats......yes I am actually publishing this!

Sian Evans - 1. A given name that cannot be prounounced or spelled correctly by the majority of a population.

2. A complex mind filled with numerous creative personalities.(noun) always doing "lots" of things, if at least thinking about a lot of things

I'll begin in first person.....
I have always played/sung/doodled melodies, since i was real small. My first memories were guitar picks in tambourine drum things, pianolas, glocks, a red lapsteel and a blue electric courtesy of my parents friend, who i'll name, John Ebzery. Then harps, a tin whistle, the thing i tried at 8 and was half successful, to play the melody to "waterfall" by Michelle Shocked. There was a lot of Blues, Reggae and Australian Pub rock around as a kid.

I began playing classical music at 10, as a flautist, but couldn't help myself, picked up trumpet, dropped trumpet, picked up clarinet, kept it, picked sax, kept it, picked up bassoon by reccomendation of my cheeky music teacher who needed a bassoonist in her highschool concert Band. Yeah, i played bassoon, that big double chambered thing with a crook, that kinda looks like a bong........I played it long enough to learn how to read bass clef, but then turfed it, the reeds were too damn expensive at $30 a pop. I just wanted to be a flute player is not a time to drop a lame ass joke about band camp okay......So I played in all sorts of ensembles, flute ensemble: i'm sure I arrived as the queen of sheeba; sax ensemble; crooning with a creole love call, clarinet ensemble: chattananga choo chooing while i didn't get around much anymore. I played in the orchestra as my ass cheeks shook, even though i was sitting on them as i quivered the flute solo at fanfare to the gorgeous piece " the Montagues and Capulette's" from Romeo and Juliet. I did a couple of musicals in the pit orchestra. This was most fun for I. I bought a Bass at 14 and then had no money to eat on band camp with cos i spent it all on the bass, plus all my savings, it was a yamaha, my mum wasnt impressed, so what! ( Did you get it? It was the first song i learned by actually reading music on bass) I won a solo woodwind eistedfod on flute at 14, I didnt like competitions much, or judgment, I just liked playing, so after doing one and only ever one Grade 5 exam, and a flute teacher who was ex-army, i became much more likened to the shitty yamaha nylon string that had been sitting in my parents cupboard for 7 years. My dad had traded it for a power tool in hope that i would want to play someday. It came from John Ebzery, who also took me to buy my first steel string guitar that same year, but i stupidly gave that guitar, along with my van to a beautiful guy i no longer wanted to fare a relationship with......I guess i felt bad for dumping him. I hope he still has it, dammit! I now spend much of my time singing and writing, I've always loved lyrics, and i can thank artists like Michelle Shocked, Fiona Apple and Ani Difranco for fueling that fire, they've been some of my greatest teachers. So now i write about lost love, people who've shit me, hurt me, made me laugh, or inspired me, play the guitar, fumble with the banjo or whatever else at whatever time. Yes - I am a folk artist predominantly and it has taken a decade to accept this.....oh, I kind of try manage all the shit i do........which is write, record, release, perform, publicise, publish blah blah blah.....I'm also a mum.

Old projects, new projects, I've moved through a few acts - The Rusty Datsuns, Bessy-Lou, Pollysassin; significantly 1930's jazz influenced with my dear friend Jeunae, also a mum.....just find them in my friends and have a little listen!!............Some hearty and fun clips are online for "the definition of" (album Available on Itunes, I'll be honest, its produced and engineered really well with ann array of amazing players, you'll find it at Band camp under Bessy-Lou, it had noms for a couple of music awards in it's release year) also The Rusty Datsuns "river bank" and "gypsy" clips are fun.

I love Jazz, I LOVE Bluegrass, I LOVE World music. I LOVE ol timey stuff. I identify with roots the most because it is such a broad genre. I love to get down to a one favourite drum beat is a stepper, and a favourite timing is 5/4, like mission impossible...... my favourite chords in progression are the IV to I.....Ah freakin men, sigh!

Third Person
Having Supported the likes of Clare Bowditch, Toni Childs, Deb Conway and Katie Noonan to name few, it's no wonder Sian recieved 3 Queensland music nominations, and a another for Best Solo Artist for her home town Cairns TIMEOUT awards in 2010. (wwwwwwank wank wank on)

First Person - Okay, so I play music because I found that I feel happy when I sing. I found out it made other people happy when I sang. I feel a warm fuzzy feeling in my chest when I sing, it's just such a joyful thing to experience and share. And I'm sure, this hokey pokey shit is what it's really all about. I think if anyone has any skill in which joy is amplified and spread when shared, it' a good thing to be doing. So I'm going to just keep on with that


06 August 2015


Produced, Genre: Singer/Songwriter