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Zeus Baby-Destination

Govinda - Engineer, Produced, Mixed

About Client

With a collision of sounds that trawl the recesses of their individual influences, ZeusBaby manage to sound like no one else on their debut album Destination.

Recorded by ARIA winning Producer Govinda Doyle, Destination is fresh and immediately unique from first listen, the album’s eleven tracks engage in a provocative dialogue between the past and the future. Yes, a little bit of Bowie - when he was still informing the world on the delights of a dark grandeur. Definitely a loose-hipped Stones swagger, or is that INXS? Perhaps neither as the swirling synths coat it in the crumbs of an 80’s Depeche Mode shake n bake.

Ultimately, ZeusBaby are four young men living on the Gold Coast, with a style that belongs to the area about as much as it belongs to the Moon! Lyricized and sung by the very British Dorian Marcus, Destination takes on the form of a colonial expedition into the unknown. The muscular and powerful rhythm section of Douglas and Dion invests the journey with a throbbing insistence, at once energizing it and compelling the listener onward. Providing the breadcrumb trail home is the absorbing guitar attack of PurpleZain - often silky, often abrasive, but always dangerous, it combines with the keyboards and synths of Marcus to illuminate the twisting turns of Destination, at times revealing only at the very last moment the darkened path.

A formidable live act that sees them packing dance floors at every show, ZeusBaby are now armed with an album that adds studio gloss to their hyperactive immediacy, and completes the package for this excitingly unique band.


06 August 2015


Produced, Engineered, Mixed