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Marcus Blacke-Master Of Eden

Govinda - Engineer, Produced, Mixed, Bass, Drums, Backing vocals

About Client

An old soul stumbled out of bed one morning, absolutely puzzled by most of the things he witnessed, experienced and was subjected to. He started writing profusely, aborting pages, resuscitating prose, growing beards and shaving them. After several hobo phases, endless sleepless nights and smoking profoundly he decided to give a cyclamen to the world every day until it was over.

After releasing a beautiful debut album that earned its way into a few lucky hearts and rotation on Triple J Unearthed, ABC Coast FM, RRR Melbourne, Southern FM, 2SER Sydney and a handful of community radio stations Australia wide. Marcus Blacke is back a year later to back up the release with a collection of songs he feels. He will tour in support of the Grahams (USA) in October 2014 off the back of his own small solo August east coast tour with compadre Andrew Swift. Marcus hopes to conclude the year with another tour and has already begun working on a third release which will come together in 2015.


31 January 2015


Produced, Engineered, Mixed , Bass, Drums, Backing vocal